These Benefits Will Make You Want To Eat Tomatoes More Often

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If you like to eat raw or cooked tomatoes, as a pasta sauce, for example, you should keep this habit. Why? Because the fruit that is often mistaken for vegetables is believed to have many ingredients that have a positive impact on health. Curious? Here are some fruit benefits that have the Latin name Solanum Lycopersicum for your health.

Benefits of tomatoes for health
The benefits of tomatoes as a fruit or vegetable, is indeed still confusion and the answers you get will even vary depending on who you ask.

As reported by National Geographic, taking into account its existence in the taxation law the cost of imported goods, tomatoes are included in the type of vegetables. However, based on the way tomatoes grow, different answers will likely get you if you ask a herbalist.

But of course, this status certainly does not affect the benefits of tomatoes for health.

tomatoes are the benefits of red vegetables

1. Heart health
When you slice tomatoes, you will see that the shape of the slices resembles those of the heart. Well, it turns out, the content that tomatoes have is also able to maintain heart health. Some of the ingredients of red fruit are believed to have a positive impact on heart health, including:

Lycopene. Based on a review of several studies published in Current Medicinal Chemistry, there is a positive relationship between lycopene and heart health. The characteristic of lycopene to fat is believed to be able to overcome the damage of fat bonds in the blood and control excessive levels of fat in the blood, which can trigger the condition of blood vessel obstruction (atherosclerosis). Some studies also show that lycopene has the ability to reduce levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

Beta carotene. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition revealed that men with high consumption of beta carotene can reduce their chances of developing metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a disorder of your body’s metabolic processes which is characterized by high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood sugar levels, and large waist circumference.

Vitamin C. A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition to 100,000 participants successfully revealed that high levels of vitamin C in blood plasma can reduce a person’s chances of experiencing heart disease.

2. Bone health
Lycopene, in addition to having a positive impact on heart health, is also beneficial for bone health. A study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research successfully revealed that high levels of lycopene in this fruit can reduce a person’s chance of having a broken bone. So it can be concluded that one of the benefits of tomato is that it can prevent the development of osteoporosis in a person’s body.

3. Eye health
The presence of beta carotene in tomatoes, besides providing benefits for heart health, is also able to maintain the health of your eyes. This is because when ingested, beta carotene will change to vitamin A. Moreover, this fruit also contains vitamin A, making this red fruit increasingly rich in vitamin A.

The benefits of this fruit are also supported by a study conducted by the Linus Pauling Institute which revealed that vitamin A-rich foods can increase the productivity of the retina, especially in poor lighting and in interpreting colors and improving eye development.

4. Maintain skin health
A 2011 study from England found that a combination of tomato paste and olive oil can protect your skin from sun damage, and encourage pro-collagen production. As is well known, molecules are natural substances that structure the skin and make them strong and youthful.
5. Help overcome constipation
Eating foods that contain lots of water and fiber, like tomatoes, can help moisturize and support normal bowel movements. This fruit is also often used as a laxative.

6. Good to eat while pregnant
Adequate folic acid intake is fulfilled before and during pregnancy. The function of folate itself is for cell growth and the DNA of the baby in the womb.

A folic acid is a synthetic form of folate. This is available in supplements but can be obtained naturally also from the benefits of tomatoes.

7. Increase male fertility
According to a report published by the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, the content in tomatoes can affect male fertility. How does it affect?

Look, lycopene is content in the fruit called Latin Solanum Lycopersicum which is considered to increase male fertility. Lycopene is also one of the substances forming carotenoids, which are antioxidants that give bright colors to tomatoes.

These antioxidants in tomatoes can ward off free radicals that enter the body due to the consumption of unhealthy foods. Slowly, when the body often eats unhealthy foods, fat and calories accumulate. Where this can reduce sperm quality.

In the study, it was found that lycopene in this fruit can increase the number of sperm counts by 70 percent. When lycopene enters the body, the body absorbs 20-30 percent of the total lycopene entering.

Lycopene will be spread to several parts of the body. One of the most common parts of lycopene is the testis, the place where sperm is produced.

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