Peel Finished Benefits of Tomato Fruit for Pregnant Women

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Red, runny, and have seeds, just imagine these three characteristics. You might already be able to imagine what the fruit meant. Yes, what’s more, if it’s not tomatoes. Besides being well-known as a natural mask, tomatoes are also no less good for fulfilling nutrition during pregnancy, you know. Wondering what are the benefits of tomatoes for pregnant women? Continue reading the following reviews!

Various benefits of tomatoes for pregnant women
Regardless of the type and size of tomatoes sold in the market, all offer a myriad of benefits that are good for pregnant women and the fetus in the womb. The following are various benefits of tomatoes that should not be missed during pregnancy:

tomatoes are the benefits of red vegetables

1. Has a variety of important nutrients
It’s no secret anymore, tomatoes are one of the many fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Proven in 100 grams (gr) of tomatoes, containing vitamin C as much as 34 milligrams (mg). The more amount of vitamin C that is in the body, the smoother the absorption of iron needed during pregnancy.

High amounts of vitamin C also help the formation of a baby’s skin, teeth, bones, and gums. Not only that, but tomatoes are also filled with 1.3 grams of protein, 4.7 grams of carbohydrates, 0.5 grams of fat, 0.6 mg of iron, 8 mg of calcium, 77 mg of phosphorus, and 2,083 mg of carotene.

If you are looking for a food source that can increase energy, tomatoes can be one of the best choices thanks to not a little calorie content.

2. Promotes digestion
Like other fruits, the fiber content in tomatoes is not playful so it can help facilitate digestion. Because it does not rule out the possibility, there are various stomach disorders or digestive problems that are often experienced by pregnant women.

There are 1.5 grams of fiber in every 100 grams of tomatoes. The amount of fiber that is not small, can help encourage peristalsis of the digestive muscles, provide enough fluid for digestion of food, to facilitate the disposal of food scraps or feces out of the body.

That’s why eating tomatoes while pregnant is believed to help overcome constipation, diarrhea, and prevent colorectal cancer.

3. Good source of antioxidants
Tomatoes contain high amounts of lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that can help ward off attacks of cancer-causing free radicals. For example cervical cancer, prostate cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, and so forth.

4. Prevent pregnancy problems
Preeclampsia (pregnancy poisoning) is a complication of pregnancy that is often experienced by pregnant women. Disorders of placental development and increased blood pressure are predicted as the causes of preeclampsia.

Interestingly, 164.9 mg of potassium contained in 100 grams of tomatoes is believed to increase blood flow, while reducing pressure on the heart. As a result, high blood pressure can be more stable slowly.

On the other hand, the benefits of tomatoes for other pregnant women are able to prevent the risk of neural tube defects (anencephaly) and spinal cord defects when newborns. The content of folic acid in tomatoes plays this important role.

So, in addition to being obtained from supplements and milk consumed during pregnancy, folic acid can also be obtained from daily food intake.

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