Definition and Types of Poultry

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Maybe most of us often hear as poultry animals. But maybe most of us also don’t know more about poultry animals. What is understanding? what animals are the type? and what are the characteristics?

Therefore, on this occasion, I will share a little about poultry animals. To just add to our knowledge and insight or even to take advantage of this animal. No need to linger I will share knowledge about poultry animals.

Definition of Poultry
Poultry is a type of livestock group from a type of bird that will be used for meat, eggs, and feathers. In general, these animals are part of the order of Galliformes and Anseriformes. Has a body shape like a chicken or like a duck.

In general, most animals of this type do have body shapes such as chickens and ducks. Usually, poultry animals are often used as livestock or pets. Because this type of animal is easy to care for and includes productive animals.

However, poultry animals have weak body power, so these animals are often exposed to viruses or diseases. The word poultry is generally used for meat-eating birds. Or more generally, this word can also be used to refer to other bird species.

After we know the meaning of poultry animals. It would be nice if we also know how the characteristics of poultry animals. So that we can distinguish animals belonging to poultry animals with animals that are not included in the poultry animal group.

Usually has fur that covers his body.
Poultry has a heart with four chambers: the right chamber, the left ventricle, the right porch, and the left porch.
Most poultry animals breathe using the lungs. However, there are some poultry animals that have a respiratory aid, namely an airbag, to help them while flying.
In general, breed by oviparous (lay eggs).
The method of fertilization is by internal fertilization.
Included in the class of animals that are warm-blooded.
In general, it has a motion organ in the form of a pair of legs and a pair of wings. Although there are some poultry animals that cannot fly. This is because those who cannot fly do not have airbags on their wings.

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