The journey of Akio Morita, Founder of the Sony Brand as a Business Heir

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Akio Morita is the figure behind the Sony brand.

The man born on January 26, 1921, in Nagoya, one of the cities in the country of ginseng, grew up in a family of businessmen and sake makers (beer or alcoholic drinks typical of Japan) for almost 400 years in the city of Tokoname, not far from Nagoya.

Being under the strict supervision of his father, Kyuzaemon, Akio Morita has been prepared as the heir of the family business.

In fact, he was often involved in various company meetings with his father and helped smooth the family business when Akio was on school holidays.

Aside from being prepared to become the heir of the business, Akio’s unique talent has also been seen since childhood who likes to tamper with electronic equipment.

Interestingly, mathematics and physics are his favorite subjects during elementary and junior high school.

He finally graduated from high school and went on to the Department of Physics at Osaka Imperial University.

After graduating from university, in 1944 Akio became a Navy lieutenant and met Masaru Ibuka at the Navy Wartime Research Committee.

Furthermore, he returned to his family home in Nagoya after the Pacific War.

Unexpectedly, when Akio was getting ready to meet the invitation to Tokyo to join the faculty of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, at that time a research laboratory article was also established by Ibuka, the Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute.

After Akio read the article, he visited Ibuka in Tokyo and they decided to set up a new company together.

The Beginning of the Establishment of Sony
Akio Morita and Ibuka finally established the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo KK (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation) on May 7, 1946.

The cooperation was built, starting with an initial capital of 190,000 yen with 20 employees.

Despite their age, Ibuka, who is 38 years old and 25 years old, they are able to build good cooperation and devote Ibuka energy technology to product research and development.

While Morita plays an important role in leading Sony in the fields of marketing, globalization, finance, and human resources.

Morita also pioneered Sony into the software business, and he contributed to the overall management of the company.

1958 was a new beginning for Sony, for its drive to develop its business more globally, the Tsushin Tokyo Kogyo has become widely known as Sony.

For Akio, this change is aimed at the progress of the company, so that its name is easier to remember, pronounce and impress universally.

Akio’s thinking was quite visionary because the title of the name Tsushin Tokyo Kogyo would not be appropriate if the company increasingly developed into non-electronic products.

Therefore, he changed his name to Sony Corporation and decided to write ‘Sony’ in katakana alphabet (the Japanese alphabet which is usually used to write foreign names).

The word became something that had never been heard at that time.

After two years after being renamed, Sony Corporation of America was established in the United States until Akio brought along his family to live in the United States.

He believes, Sony is able to expand its sales and create new market shares.

Since its existence, there have been many products launched by Sony even as if they were not exhausted from creative and innovative ideas.

The idea of ​​giving birth to a new lifestyle and culture, this is evident from these products as the Walkman and video cassette recorders.

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  • Akio Morita is the figure behind the Sony brand.
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